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About IFT

We are the supplier of CCIF (Computer Controlled Incremental Forming) and precision CCFF (Computer Controlled Flow Forming machines) with single or multiple roller systems for spin/flow forming, shear forming, necking-in and expanding processes.

We offer machines for the production of forged/flow formed parts such as:

Aluminum and Steel Wheels for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Specialty Wheels

Transmission Parts with Internal & External Teeth & Splines, V-Belt & Poly-V Pulleys, Necking & Closing Machines for Pressure Cylinders

Turnkey Solution for Complete Figure Forged Aluminum Wheels

CCIF (ROTARY FORGED) Wheels Are The Strongest And Lightest Wheels Available On The Market Today.


Computer Controlled Incremental Forming

Is the Process of Forging a Solid Billet of Wrought Aluminum Between the Tilted Upper and Lower Rotating Dies Under a Finite Amount of Pressure.

A 350 Ton CCIF Press Exerts the Same Amount of Force as a 7,000 Ton Hydraulic Press.


Computer Controlled Flow Forming

CCIF or Hydraulic Forged Pre-forms are Flow Formed with 3-Roller Computer Controlled, Precision Flow Forming Machines (3VDZ).

Multiple Simultaneous Spin Passes Create Complex Shapes with Exceptional Accuracy and Repeatability.

Our Technology

3-Roller Vertical Computer Controlled Flow Forming Wheel Production Machines

Production Flow From Billet To Finished Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Forged pre-forms are flow formed with computer controlled, precision flow forming machines. Multiple spin passes create complex shapes with exceptional accuracy and repeatability

Production Flow From Billet To Finished SUV Wheel